Decision-making representative panel

When the court decides to appoint a decision-making representative to make certain decisions on behalf of a person, it may ask us to nominate suitable panel members from this panel. The court does this when a person does not have a suitable person who is willing and able to act as their decision-making representative.

The court may select one or more of these panel members to act as decision-making representative for the person.

We monitor the functions and activities of all decision-making representatives.

What is the role of a decision-making representative?

The role of a panel member appointed as decision-making representative is the same as any other person appointed by the court to be a decision-making representative. They act as the agent of the person to make decisions on their behalf in line with the court order.

They must find out what the wishes of the person are, or would have been, in relation to the decision that needs to be made and follow those wishes as much as possible.

A panel member on the decision-making representative panel must meet specific requirements to be on the panel, as well as being trained by us and maintaining professional indemnity insurance.

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