Monitoring and supervision

Attorneys are supervised in their functions by the Decision Support Service. We check that you are following the guiding principles, legal requirements, the codes of practice and the enduring power of attorney you are authorised by.

We can send someone to talk to you, or the person you are supporting, and ask that person to provide us with a report. For example, we may send a general visitor or special visitor to talk to you if we have received a complaint or want to make sure the arrangement is working the way that it should.

Attorneys are required to send us written reports. The easiest way to do this is to set up an account on our online portal at the link myDSS.

Preparing an initial report

If the enduring power of attorney includes property and money matters, you must send us a full list of the person’s assets and debts as at the time the arrangement is notified to us.

You must also prepare and submit a budget of the person’s likely income and expenses for the coming year. These reports must be prepared and submitted to us within three months.

If the person has a complex estate, you may need to contact a number of professionals and organisations in order to gather this information. You may also need to use specialist services, for example financial services from an accountant, to assist you to prepare this report.

Preparing an annual report

This report includes details of big decisions taken as part of the enduring power of attorney. You have to include details of financial matters, including any costs or expenses, related to the arrangement.

This report also includes details of any payment you are entitled to and have claimed under the enduring power of attorney.

Preparing an annual accounts

You must keep proper accounts and financial records, of the person income and expenses and submit these with your annual report. This yearly report contains information on all transactions relating to the arrangement for example the purchase or sale of property.