What is the role of a general visitor

We can ask a general visitor to visit a person who has a decision support arrangement or their decision supporter. The general visitor will contact the person and arrange a suitable time and location for the visit.

The role of the general visitor includes preparing for the visit, reviewing relevant documents, visiting the person or their supporter and gathering information about whether the arrangement is working the way it was intended.

They may be required to speak to other people such as a carer, healthcare professional, finance or legal professional, as required by the direction to gather relevant information. They may also examine and take documents, such as financial and healthcare records.

The general visitor must send a report to us after every visit.

Competencies of a general visitor

All general visitors have a relevant qualification or over 10 years of experience in the evaluation or investigation of complaints. They all have relevant expertise in gathering and collating evidence and submitting written reports.

In addition, to be on the panel, all general visitors have demonstrated the following competencies:

  • Integrity
  • Expert knowledge
  • Person-centred communication skills
  • Case management skills
  • ICT skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Resource management

List of current general visitors

The following persons are on the current general visitor panel. 

Click on the link to download the List of General Visitors

What is the role of a general visitor

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