Decision Support Arrangements

Decision support arrangements are legally recognised arrangements for people who need support to make certain decisions. This section provides information about the types of arrangements and supports that will be available.

At different times in our lives, we all need to make decisions. We make important decisions about our finances, property, employment, accommodation, healthcare and social supports.

There are five different decision support arrangements for people who have challenges with their capacity and who may need support to make certain decisions. These arrangements are based on the different levels of support that a person requires to make a specific decision at a specific time.

There are three types of support arrangements for people who currently, or may shortly, face challenges when making certain decisions:

•    Decision-making assistance agreement

•    Co-decision-making agreement

•    Decision-making representation order

There are two types of arrangements for people who wish to plan ahead for a time in the future when they might lose capacity:

•    Advance healthcare directive

•    Enduring power of attorney

You can find out more about all of these arrangements below.