What is a Decision-making representation order?

If you are unable to make certain decisions even with someone else’s support, the court may appoint a decision-making representative to you. The decision-making representative is appointed by the court to make certain decisions on your behalf, taking into account your wishes.

If possible, the court will appoint someone you know and trust as your decision-making representative. However, if there is no-one willing or able to act on your behalf, the court may appoint someone from our panel of trained experts.

The decision-making representative can only make decisions that are written down in the order and must consider your wishes at all times during the decision-making process. If the decision-making representative is from our panel of trained experts, they will be paid for their work. This payment may be taken from your estate.

The court can appoint more than one person to act as a decision-making representative. The court decides whether the decision-making representatives must make decisions together or individually.

The decisions included in a decision-making representation order are kept under review by the court.

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