Guidance Materials

We produce guidance materials about decision support arrangements which contain important information about the different options for exercising your capacity and getting support with decision-making.

We have produced guidance materials on our different functions and the services we provide. This includes guidance on how to make an objection and how to make a complaint. It also includes guidance on searching our registers.

We have guidance for decision supporters on preparing and submitting reports, as well as information on expenses and remuneration that may be claimed.

Further guidance for decision supporters, interveners and certain professionals can be found in our codes of practice.


Guidance about decision support arrangements

Your guide to a decision-making assistance agreement coming soon

Your guide to a co-decision-making agreement

Your guide to a decision-making representation order

Your guide to an advance healthcare directive

Procedures and Specifications for the appointment of Trust Corporations as Attorneys

Understanding the terms we use coming soon

What decisions to include in a decision support arrangement – coming soon


Guidance for decision supporters

Decision-making representatives

Initial reporting guidelines for decision-making representatives

Initial report (DMR) checklist for supporting documents 

Annual report guidelines for decision-making representatives

Payment of Certain Expenses and Remuneration to Decision-Making Representatives Policy


Initial report guidelines for attorneys

Initial report (Attorney) checklist for supporting documents 

Annual reporting guidelines for attorneys - coming soon


Annual report guidelines for co-decision-makers 


Guidance about searching the register

Guide to searching the register – coming soon


Guidance about objections

Your guide to making an objection


Guidance about complaints

Complaints and Investigations Procedures


Guidance about visitors

What to expect from a special visitor – coming soon

What to expect from a general visitor – coming soon