Code of Practice for Co-Decision Makers

14 October, 2022

This code of practice provides guidance for co-decision-makers appointed under a co-decision-making agreement to meet their responsibilities and duties under the Act by supporting a relevant person and making decisions jointly with them.

This includes following the guiding principles within the Act and working with other decision supporters and interveners. It also includes their record keeping and reporting obligations.

This code does not cover the process for making a co-decision-making agreement, which can be found in separate guidance in our Resources section.

Plain English leaflet, guide and video

We developed a plain English leaflet What you need to know about the Code of Practice for Co-Decision-Makers. This booklet is an introduction to the Code of Practice for Co-Decision-Makers. It aims to provide general information and answer some questions about this code.

We have developed a plain English Your Guide to the Codes of Practice. The guide has been written according to the principles of plain English with the support of an experienced plain English practitioner.

Click on the link to watch our video on the Code of Practice for Co-Decision Makers

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