Your step-by-step guide to register an EPA

19 Apr, 2024


To begin, you will require a MyDSS portal account.

 You will be using the account to:

  • create your unique EPA document,
  • access the supporting documentation that you need, including a capacity statement, legal practitioner statement and notices for notice parties
  • submit your completed EPA to the DSS for registration

The quickest way to obtain a MyDSS portal account is by using the MyGovID verification process. This guarantees the best experience when using our services and will allow you to access the portal and begin your application within minutes. This video provides a step-by-step demonstration of how to verify your account using MyGovID. If you don’t have a MyGovID

Click on the link How to verify my account using MyGovID to watch the video.

If you do not have a fully verified MyGovID but you have a Public Services Card, then you are MyGovID ready and can complete your MyovID sign up on If you do not have a public services card, you can get one by setting up an appointment are your local PSC Centre.

If you cannot get a Public Services Card or do not want to use MyGovID to open your MyDSS portal account, you can use a different process. This will allow the DSS to verify your identity and set you up with a MyDSS portal account. More information on this alternative manual process is available at the on line form at the link Identity Verification Application Form

Once you have opened a MyDSS account and it is verified you are now ready to start the process of registering your EPA. We have recorded 10 two-minute videos to assist you through the various steps.

Click on any of the links below to start or continue your journey towards making your EPA. If you have any queries, our information services team is the first point of contact for most queries from members of the public or services. They operate a contact centre that opens 9-4pm, Monday to Friday. You can contact the team for help and support through any of the below channels.

Phone: (01) 2119750


Video 1

Starting an EPA on the MyDSS portal

Video 2

Applying for an EPA – Generating your documents (Step 1 online)

Video 3

Applying for an EPA – Completing your legal practitioner statement

Video 4

Applying for an EPA – Signing and Witnessing your EPA

Video 5

Applying for an EPA Your Statement of Capacity

Video 6

Applying for an EPA – Giving notice

Video 7

Applying for an EPA Uploading your Documents to MyDSS

Video 8

Witness details, notice parties and payment

Video 9

Applying for an EPA – Attorney approval, DSS review and the objection period

Video 10

Applying for an EPA - Activation, the Register and attorney reporting requirements




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