Why might you need a MyGovID account?

06 Mar, 2023


The role of the Decision Support Service (DSS) will be to register new decision support arrangements and supervise the individuals who are providing a range of supports to people with capacity difficulties.

People using the DSS services will be able to log into a portal, called ‘MyDSS’, and create their own account. They will be guided through the process of applying for an arrangement or managing an existing arrangement. The easiest way to register with the DSS is to use a ‘MyGovID’ to access online services.

‘MyGovID’ is a single online account that lets people use the DSS and other online Government services in a safe and secure manner. Having a single account means people only have to sign up once and remember one password.

Signing up for a ‘MyGovID’ account involves a number of steps. People will need to have the following on hand: their name on their birth certificate; an email address; a mobile phone number; their PPS number; and their public services card. More information can be found on www.mygovid.ie.

The Citizens Information Service explain how you get a MyGovID account and how useful it will be for accessing other Government services online. You can click on the link MyGovID (citizensinformation.ie) if you want more information.

When people sign up with the DSS they can access the information they need – such as submitting an application, checking the status of application or viewing an arrangement - through their own individual account using a PC/laptop, tablet, or their phone.

We also appreciate that some people will not be in a position to access or use an online system. In that respect, the DSS team will accommodate and assist everyone as necessary.

For further information, please contact our dedicated information services team on 01 211 9750.

To watch our video explaing the need for a MyGovID Account, please follow this link to the video here

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