Join our new panels of special visitors and general visitors

11 Feb, 2022


It is intended that the Decision Support Service will begin operations in June 2022 to provide an essential service for people who face difficulties exercising their decision-making capacity. The DSS is now seeking applications from suitably qualified individuals to form two panels. Members of each panel will assist in the delivery of the Director’s supervisory and investigative functions.

Special visitors are registered medical practitioners and other professionals who have knowledge, expertise, or experience in relation to capacity.

General visitors have relevant qualifications or other expertise in gathering and collating evidence and submitting reports. 

In the course of an investigation by the Director  or as part of general supervision procedures, a special or general visitor may be directed to visit a relevant person, decision supporter or other connected person, to take up documentation and to prepare a report. 

If you are interested in applying to join the new panel of special visitors and general visitors visit for more details


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