Join our new panel of decision-making representatives

21 Jan, 2022


The Decision Support Service is looking for suitable applicants to apply for a new panel of decision-making representatives. It is intended that the DSS will begin operations in June 2022 to provide an essential service for people who face difficulties exercising their decision-making capacity.

A decision-making representative is a person appointed by the court to make specific decision(s) on behalf of a person who at times, may not have the capacity to make certain decision(s) by themselves or with support.

Where necessary, the court may ask the DSS to nominate two or more suitable persons from the panel of decision-making representatives.. The court will do this when a person does not have a suitable person known to them who can act as their decision-making representative.

The court may appoint more than one decision-making representative to act for a relevant person in respect of different decisions, as provided for in the court order. . 

The decisions that a decision-making representative will be required to undertake may involve property and affairs or personal welfare decisions or both.

If you are interested in applying to join the new panel of decision-making representatives visit for more details.


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