When the 2015 Act comes fully into effect, it will bring about a number of important changes for organisations such as banks, utilities, hospitals or nursing homes.

There are a number of things you and your organisation can do to start getting ready now. This includes reviewing and planning for any changes you and your organisation might need to make to:

  • Business policies and processes
  • ICT systems
  • Existing staff roles
  • Resources
  • Facilities

As a starting point, you should think about how your organisation deals with the following:

  • Consent procedures
  • Customers, clients or service-users with accessibility or communication challenges
  • Dealing with a next-of-kin
  • Communication with representatives or support persons
  • Assessing capacity

We will provide a number of resources to help organisations fulfill their legal and professional obligations under the 2015 Act, including:

  • Codes of Practice
  • Guides and tools
  • Training materials

Keep up to date with our Getting Ready, News and Events and Resources sections for information and resources.